, a campaign warning of the risk of RSV infections in vulnerable children

59,600 deaths at copies under age 5 years old (27,300 deaths at infants may small of 6 Monday).

Counter these statistics alarming, cases in Romania return underestimated and neraportate. Dates reported nu reflect reality and exists o need from system from surveillance a of the season VSR.

Virus Syncitial Respiratory (RSV) this a virus met frequently, in special in season cold (autumn-winter) and is responsible from infecții ale tract respiratory.

The average child goes through 8-10 respiratory infections a year. It should be noted that the vast majority of infections are viral. Of these, the most common viruses are: respiratory syncytial virus, which is the cause of more than 60-70% of infections in young children under five, followed by rhinoviruses, influenza viruses and influenza-like viruses, which are commonly found in the cold season. The RSV virus is extrem to be found from September-October to April-May. This is quite a long time compared to the flu virus, which starts a little later and disappears quite quickly in early spring” says Dr Irina Costache, primary physician pediatrician.

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The debut symptoms infection (external link: with VSR can be similar with those ale a Colds, but in some cases these can aggravate, cei may vulnerable being suckers and in general children May small from doi ani.

RSV is the cause of infections that can be commonplace in children with adequate immune statusbut which can be very complicated in children who are under two years of age or who have chronic, pulmonary, cardiac or some degree of immune deficiency“, explains dr Irina Costache, primary care physician pediatrician.

Prematurity se associates with increased risk of infections severe determined by RSV

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VSR if transmits extrem from easy, via contact direct or close with secretions which contains particles viral, practicing, transmission directă is much May important than cea aerial. It is very important of specified that this virus sits on skin about 30 minutes, and on surfaces tables, toys, on clans doors up to 12 hours. Incubation lasts cam 3-6 days, and removal virus, the copies, lasts cam 3-8 days, but we discuss and of 3 week if we talk a child immunocompromised says dr Iuliana Picioreanu, doctor primary medicine from family.

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