These are the pests that threaten Barcelona and Catalonia: how to protect yourself

This Thursday we tell you that, due to spring rains and high temperatures, there will be a “massive” presence of tiger mosquitoes this summer in Catalonia, but this will not be the only plague that could be noticed.

According to forecasts of the Catalan Association of Environmental Health Companies of Catalonia (ADEPAP)in Catalonia the following pests can also be expected:


With the massive arrival of tourists and the increase in mobility, it is foreseeable that plagues of Bedbugs in tourist accommodation. They cling to Baggage and they are extremely resistant to household insecticides, and so small that they can be moved from one house to another through the plugs.

They hide around buttons and seams of mattresses, in the box spring or in any crack in the wall, and come out at night to feed on the blood of humans while they sleep. They usually bite in groups, so it is common for them to appear bites in different areas of exposed skin. Though they do not transmit diseasesThey tend to cause allergic reactions that produce swelling and a burning sensation.

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To avoid bringing bedbugs home, when arriving from a trip it is important not to leave the suitcase on any sofa or mattress, and check all the luggage well. If we detect the presence of these insects on clothing, simply put it in the washing machine to finish them off. If the suitcase is contaminated, experts recommend “confine it for 13 months or freeze it.”


This summer it is also possible that the presence of rats and other rodents. Apparently, after confinement they have changed their habits and are “more daring” with humans. In addition, the new European regulations that restrict certain products to control pests can favor an increase in the population of these animals.

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Rats are one of the most undesirable pests because they have the ability to transmit disease. In addition, they can damage walls and floors by gnawing or sharpening their nails, and can cause fires biting electrical wires.

To avoid the appearance of these animals at home, it is essential to ensure that you do not have no hole at home, and cover the existing ones. Likewise, if its presence is detected, it is best to contact professionals from the pest control.

flies and wasps

Other pests that are expected in Catalonia are the fruit flywhich does not spread serious diseases, as well as the black flywhich will especially affect in areas close to rivers like the Ebro or the Ter.

On the other hand, a greater presence of asian hornet, a predator that attacks the honey bee. Taking into account that they can be installed in gardens and terracesit is worth reviewing the holes, outdoor awnings and also decorative accessories that are high.

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