Ripple CTO reveals how Satoshi Nakamoto knew about Ripple since 2009: the info is here!

Satoshi Nakamoto, the mysterious creator of Bitcoin (BTC) and architect of the new digital economy, knew about Ripple 13 years ago, in 2009. This is revealed in a video by Crypto Eri, a prominent blogger in the XRP community, who based his thesis on the character of Ryan Fugger. The crypto influencer’s point of view has been further explored and confirmed by Ripple’s CTO, David Schwartz.

It turns out that Ripple as a decentralized payment system was invented by Fugger in 2004 and was called RipplePay. Over time, Fugger passed the concept on to Chris Larsen and Jed McCaleb, and the rest is history.

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Another argument denying the codependency of XRP and Ripple?

According to David Schwartz, Ryan Fugger did not have the technology at the time to create a decentralized asset, so he built a peer-to-peer system consisting of interoperable centralized assets. This is also indirectly confirmed by Fugger himself, who stated on his Twitter account in 2016 that his Ripple never had an XRP and that the idea was not his own.

John Deaton, a pro-crypto lawyer and representative of XRP holders in the current SEC litigation against Ripple, then joined the conversation. Responding to David Schwartz’s comment, John Deaton said that this is why, back in 2014, the U.S. Government Accountability Office described XRP as “the virtual currency used in a decentralized payment system called Ripple.

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