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Google Chrome introduces a new Privacy Guide, making it easier to adjust your privacy guide


In an attempt to address the often-overlooked security settings, Google is introducing a new step-by-step guide to help you adjust your Chrome settings for privacy and secure your web browsing experience.

According to Google, the Privacy Guide will be “gradually released in the coming weeks” for all Chrome users starting with version 100. To go through the guide, go to the three-point menu in the upper right corner of the browser, choose Settings, then Privacy and security. The privacy guide should appear there once it is available.

Over the years, Google has tried to make it easier for users to access privacy settings in Chrome, for example, by assisting in adjusting site-level privacy permissions or highlighting security breaches, such as compromised passwords and other issues.

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The Chrome Privacy Guide is signed by the Google Safety Engineering Center (GSEC) and is intended for interactive use, even by users with no in-depth knowledge of security.

Although under the current bussiness model, Google needs to collect as much information about its users as possible to generate revenue, the Android developer is willing to allow this practice to be limited for users who want it with all their might. Still in the testing phase, the activated menu receives the change to Enabled of the parameter chrome: // flags / # privacy-review seems to be based on the availability of users to allow “improved search and web browsing” by leaving checked those settings that allow Google’s collection of usage reports and sites visited.

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