Infinix demonstrates a phone with 260W wired and 110W wireless charging. VIDEO

At Mobile World Congress we saw the world’s fastest charging phone live: the Realme GT 3, which can be powered in just 9 minutes from 0 to 100%. It promises charging at 240W and comes with a charger and cable capable of delivering that power in the package. But it seems another Chinese company, Infinix, already has 260W technology and is demonstrating it with a prototype. The YouTube channel “ben’s gadget reviews” has published a clip demonstrating not only the impressive wired charging speed of this device, but also wireless charging at 110W.

Infinix prototype demonstrates charging from 0 to 77% in just 6 minutes

It turns out that this prototype phone was actually made more to provide very fast charging over wireless, and that wired charging is a sort of “bonus”. The maker of the YouTube channel says that Infinix sent him this phone to demonstrate charging capabilities at 110W on a proprietary wireless charger, and that this technology will debut on a final phone later. Still, with charging at 260W per wire, there’s little reason to choose slower wireless charging.

That’s because in the video demonstration, the phone went from 0 to 77% charge with the 260W plug adapter in just 6 minutes. A full charge could take under 9 minutes, the record recently set by Realme. And the phone wouldn’t even seem to overheat while charging, just warm to the touch, not hot. On wireless charging, at 110W, the phone still powered between 77 and 92% in just 3 minutes. Most phones can’t power on the cord that fast these days.

Incidentally, even the world’s best performing wireless charging phones offer a maximum of 50-60W power. So Infinix, a lesser-known international brand, could stand out with its new charging technologies.

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0-77% 6min

Xiaomi already announced charging power at 300W at MWC, but didn’t have a device to demonstrate the technology on. It looks like it will offer it on a Redmi model though, not on devices in the flagship range.

source: ben’s gadget reviews

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