The Xiaomi 13 Pro will feature a large camera island, according to new 3D images of the phone. PHOTO

For the first time, we also have images of Xiaomi’s next flagship, the 13 Pro, which could be the world’s most powerful smartphone at launch. It’s expected in December, with a Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 chipset, a 1″ sensor camera and a top-notch display. OnLeaks, famous for its images of unreleased phones, along with Zoutons, have created the first 3D renders of the Xiaomi 13 Pro, which reveal some interesting details about the new flagship.

Xiaomi 13 Pro could debut in the next few weeks

First of all, we can’t help but notice that Xiaomi isn’t ditching the curved display at the edges on its premium phones. Despite the criticism and the return to flat screens in the flagship area, Xiaomi will retain a curved panel on the sides. The screen will offer a single subtle cutout on the center for the front-facing camera.

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On the back, the camera island on the Xiaomi 12 will be brought towards a more “traditional” design. We’re talking a simple square with rounded corners, protruding from the glass cover on the back. However, the thickness of this module seems to be significant, as it’s probably impossible to integrate a 1″ sensor without such a large “hump” on the back. Three cameras can be seen, so we’re probably also talking about an optical zoom and an ultra-wide camera, as well as an LED flash. What we don’t see in these images is the Leica branding.

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An interesting detail is that the phone has four black dots on the top edge. These generally house microphones for cancelling background noise in calls, or for capturing sound in movies. Xiaomi also usually offers an infrared port, to use the phone as a universal remote. It’s unclear why there are so many dots in that area, though, with one or two usually being enough for these components.

Even though the new Xiaomi 13 series will debut in December, this launch could be dedicated to the Chinese market. Top phones from Chinese manufacturers usually take several months to arrive in European countries. Thus, we can expect the Xiaomi 13 Pro in domestic stores probably only around spring.

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