The “Dynamic Island” on the iPhone 14 Pro “cloned” on Xiaomi ahead of Apple’s phone launch. VIDEO

Today, September 12, marks the release of iOS 16, the new software version that brings many new features like a new customizable lock screen, but those who want to test out Apple’s new “dynamic island” will have to wait until Friday’s launch of the iPhone 14 Pro models. However, it looks like Xiaomi users might be able to test a similar version of the interactive area at the top of the screen, as there’s already a theme for MIUI 13 that “clones” the functionality Apple introduced just a few days ago.

Xiaomi users could test the “dynamic island” ahead of the iPhone 14 Pro launch

As happens every time Apple releases something new that hasn’t been tried before, copies immediately appear. Dynamic Island is the new screen area on the iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max that frames the camera and Face ID sensors in an interactive area. Information about apps running in the background can appear here, and widget-like windows can open to control music playback, for example, or to switch between apps quickly.

A theme called Grumpy UI for Xiaomi’s MIUI 13 allows you to use an area of the notification bar at the top in a similar way to Dynamic Island. However, the presence of a black area in the screen of a phone that doesn’t have a cutout as large as the one on the iPhone doesn’t make much sense. Perhaps whoever created this theme just wants to demonstrate that it’s a simple software feature, easy to implement even in a few days with the tools Xiaomi provides for editing software themes on its phones. The theme is unfortunately only available in Chinese.

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The theme hasn’t been officially released yet, as it needs to be approved by Xiaomi first before it hits the official theme store.

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