Pictures of Xiaomi’s first electric car, the MS11, published on the internet

Images of electronics maker Xiaomi’s upcoming electric car have surfaced on the internet, shortly after a camouflaged prototype of the car was spotted on public roads.

The Xiaomi MS11 is expected to debut on the market in the first quarter of 2024. The car is a four-door sedan that closely resembles another electric model produced in China, the BYD Seal. The rear light clusters are similar to those on some Aston Martin cars, and Xiaomi seems to have taken inspiration for the headlights from McLaren.

From the images, posted on the social network Weibo, we also see that the car has a glass roof, large wheels, a LiDAR sensor and brakes that appear to be supplied by Brembo.

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There are no pictures of the interior of the car. Infotainment systems are where electric car manufacturers are trying to differentiate themselves from the competition more recently. Sony Honda Mobility recently unveiled its first all-electric car model on the CES 2023 stage under the Afeela brand. The car focuses on entertainment and will most likely include a PlayStation console.

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We don’t know anything about the Xiaomi MS11’s range or how fast the vehicle accelerates from 0 to 100 km/h. According to rumors, the car will use an electric motor developed in-house by Xiaomi. The batteries will be supplied by Chinese companies CATL and BYD.

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Xiaomi began developing an electric car in 2021 after acquiring Deepmotion Tech, a company that develops technology for self-driving cars. The electronics giant then built a car factory.

Another big electronics company reportedly working on an EV is Apple.

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