The women who made history through the horrors they did. Their beauty killed thousands of men

It is no secret that men have too often dominated dictatorial regimes. However, there were also women who, based on the horrors committed, managed to remain in history.

These women led by fear and intimidation, holding the absolute power of their country and people. While some leaders have made positive contributions to their countries, others have been responsible for the worst atrocities. Here are the three women who went down in history for the horrors committed.

Jiang Qing

Jiang Qing is a strong, inspiring woman with a fascinating story. She has been an important figure in China’s history and has had a significant impact on the world. As a revolutionary and communist actress, she was a prominent political figure during the Cultural Revolution. In addition, Jiang Qing was an important part of Mao Zedong’s regime with her charisma and determination.

As a communist revolutionary, actress, and political figure during the Cultural Revolution, she played a significant role in Chinese politics. Her story is one of ambition, power and tragedy. Over time, it has been the cause of many suffering.

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Jiang Qing
Jiang Qing

Ranavalona I

This dictatorial woman was sovereign of the Kingdom of Madagascar between 1828 and 1861. She was an influential and respected leader who left her mark on the history of Madagascar. Ranavalona I is a high quality dictatorial woman whose reign will surely impress.

She was a strong and influential woman, remembered for her many accomplishments. This top female dictator in history was known for her intelligence, strength, and fierce determination. However, she was particularly cruel.

He drove out the British, destroying both schools and churches, and killed all Christians. Their heads were “rested” in pairs on the water’s edge to let others who wanted to reach Madagascar know what awaited them.

His judgment was called the “tangal ordeal.” Thus, the one who was accused of breaking the law had to eat three skins of chicken. Then he had to drink tangena, the juice of a poisonous plant. Then he was forced to vomit and if he vomited all three chicken skins, he was innocent. Otherwise, he was killed.

Regina Ranavalona I
Regina Ranavalona I

Wu Zetian

Wu Zetian is one of the most famous women dictators of all time. She ruled the Tang Dynasty for 25 years. She was a perfect politician and strategist, and her reign was marked by significant military progress, economic prosperity and many artistic achievements.

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Although he was a perfect leader, Wu Zetian was the most cruel. She came from a modest family but placed a high value on children’s education. Because she was a beautiful woman, she was selected to become the girlfriend of Emperor Taizong.

It wasn’t long before she became Taizong’s secretary because of her special intelligence. Because the emperor is dying, a cruel fate would have awaited Wu Zetian. It was also intelligence that helped her find a solution: the emperor’s son.

Although his main wife was Wang, Wu Zetian did his best to seize power. Legend has it that he even killed his own child in order to accuse Wang, which happened.

This was just the beginning because during her reign, she killed everyone who stood in her way, forcing even her grandchildren to commit suicide. Countless scientists or soldiers died under her orders, and their families became slaves.

Wu Zetian
Wu Zetian

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