The village with 40 Tesla cars has become a tourist attraction

There is a village with 40 Tesla cars, which has turned the town into a tourist attraction.

Named “Tesla Village”, Panzhiga is located in the mountains of China’s Yunan Province. The town became famous after a video about the owners of electric cars there was published on the social network Weibo. The registration was posted by the official account of the American company, which has a large car factory in the Asian state.

The first electric car owner in the village was Cai Run, who left Panzhiga to study at the age of 12. After a successful career, the man returned to the town in May 2021 in a Tesla vehicle.

In his native village, the man opened a boarding house, served by several Tesla cars. He later spoke to the villagers about the benefits of these cars, and the number of owners grew rapidly.

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The news about the friendly village with clean vehicles went all over China, and the management of the Tesla branch in the country also found out about Panzhiga. Thus, the first Supercharger station was installed in the locality, signed by Elon Musk, the CEO of the car company.


The cars attracted legions of tourists eager to see “Tesla Village.” As there is still not enough accommodation, some Model Y SUVs have been converted into campers that can be rented.

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Moreover, farmers in Panzhiga benefit from lower costs for the maintenance and operation of electric machines. A meat producer delivered the goods 160 kilometers away in a traditional vehicle, and the fuel cost the equivalent of $ 16. With the electric car, the energy for the race costs only $ 5.

Going back to the man from whom it all started, Cai Run now owns six Tesla cars and will not stop here.


Source: Teslarati

Photo: Tesla China

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