The United States cancels meetings in Qatar after the Taliban’s decision to extend the closure of classrooms

MADRID, March 26. (Royals Blue) –

The United States has decided to cancel several meetings in Qatar following the decision by the authorities installed by the Taliban to extend the closure of classes for students in grades above sixth, despite its repeated promises to proceed with the reopening of classrooms, closed since who took power in August 2021.

“We have canceled some of our commitments, including the meetings planned in Doha and around the Doha Forum, and we have made it clear that we see this decision as a possible turning point in our commitment,” the spokeswoman said at a press conference. Deputy State Department Jalina Porter.

In this sense, he has assured that if this decision is not reversed “quickly”, it could damage “deeply” the Afghan people, as well as their prospects for economic growth and their ambition to improve relations with the international community.

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“For the sake of the future of Afghanistan and the Taliban’s relations with the international community, we urge the Taliban to live up to their commitments and to their people. We also stand with Afghan girls and their families who see education as a path to develop their full potential in the Afghan society and economy,” he said.

The spokesman for the US State Department, Ned Price, assured this Wednesday at a press conference that “a country that does not allow more than half of its population to participate is not a country that can achieve any degree of prosperity, stability and security for their people”. Price further added that it was a “betrayal of public commitments to the Afghan people and to the international community.”

The European Union (EU) and a total of six countries have affirmed this Friday that the Taliban’s decision to maintain the closure of classes for female students in grades above sixth in Afghanistan “will have an inevitable impact on their efforts to achieve legitimacy and support politician”.

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“Every Afghan citizen, boy or girl, man or woman, has the same right to education at all levels and in all provinces of the country,” the EU and the governments of Canada, the United States, France, and the United States said in a statement. , Italy, Norway and the United Kingdom, which have strongly condemned the decision of the Afghan authorities.

For his part, the Secretary General of the United Nations, António Guterres, has said that the Taliban’s decision to maintain the closure of classes for female students in grades above sixth in Afghanistan, despite their previous commitments to reopen, “puts in endanger the future of the country.

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