The Ukrainian Army denounces the appearance of more than 800 new graves in the part of Kherson occupied by Russia

Archive image of the Ukrainian war

Archive image of the Ukrainian war – Gilles Bader / Zuma Press / ContactPhoto

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The Ukrainian Army has denounced the appearance of more than 800 new graves in the Kherson area occupied by Russia, according to conclusions drawn from a satellite photo obtained by a British NGO.

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“At least 824 new graves appeared in the city cemetery of Kherson from February 28 to April 15,” the Ukrainian Army reported on its Telegram channel.

The message, collected by the Ukrainian agency UNIAN, is accompanied by an image of Planet Lab collected by the London-based Center for Information Sustainability.

“The conclusions are based on these satellite images. The CIR monitors several burial sites and cemeteries in the Russian-occupied part. This cemetery is located on the outskirts of the city, east of the airport,” according to the military statement. .

The city of Kherson, as well as most of the region, has been under Russian occupation for more than a month.

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According to the Ombudsman, Liudmila Denisova, 106 settlements are still without electricity and citizens are experiencing critical problems in supplying food and other essential goods.

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