The top of the women with the most beautiful legs in Romania

Whether they are petite or tall, famous women in Romania have always been famous for their beauty. If some let themselves be enchanted by their eyes, others cannot resist when the ladies we are going to talk about show their legs elegantly. This is what the top of the women with the most beautiful legs in Romania looks like.

Women in Romania with the most beautiful legs

Romania does not lack beautiful women, where you add that some of them are also famous. Depending on their preferences, some people look at their physiognomy, hands or even their feet. Find out what the top women with the most beautiful legs in Romania look like.

10th place

It is known that Andreea Raicu is very attentive to the way she looks and tries to live as healthy as possible. Plenty of sports and carefully prepared foods keep her away from extra pounds and cellulite.

9th place

Corina Caragea can boast one of our most harmonious silhouettes. And because she presents sports news, Corina understands how important it is to exercise:[udacuunadintrecelemaiarmonioasesiluetedelanoiȘipentrucăprezintăștirilesportiveCorinaîțelegecâtdeimportantestesăfacimișcare:

“I don’t do a specific sport, I go to the gym regularly, I go rollerblading, and in winter I snowboard,” said the presenter with the most beautiful legs, but also with the most beautiful smile.

8th place

Oana Zăvoranu is one of the most controversial local stars, but we cannot deny that at over 40 years old, Oana can boast a slim figure, beautifully defined and with very straight, long legs and strong muscles, but feminine.

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7th place

Andreea Bălan modeled her body with the help of dance, so it is not surprising that the star shows long, well-proportioned legs, without cellulite or other imperfections. After winning the fifth edition of the “Dancing for you” contest with Petrișor Ruge, Andreea started to introduce complicated dance numbers in her shows. Although she became a mother and unfortunately had some health problems, the star respects her sports program and healthy eating and still looks impeccable.

6th place

Laura Cosoi has a petite figure, but she can boast beautiful and toned legs. The actress does not need any retouching in Photoshop and proves this on every occasion. The photos with Laura from the beach or from various events include her on the list of the stars with the most enviable legs in Romania.

5th place

Andra has perfect legs and chooses short dresses that will make her stand out. The singer ticks a spectacular appearance in each edition of the show “Romanians have talent”, where she is part of the jury. The pregnancy did not leave its mark on the artist’s body, which returned in force after each birth, displaying an impeccable figure.

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4th place

Mihaela Rădulescu looks sensational, although she passed away in her early youth. Because she does a lot of sports and follows her diet strictly, she can afford to wear the most daring outfits.

3rd place

Iulia Vântur played volleyball as a child, after which she continued with tennis and basketball, and the sport left its mark on the figure of the presenter from “Dancing for you”. The star is also helped by her height and, although she does not expose her legs too often in sexy outfits, when she does she looks impeccable.

2nd place

Valentina Pelinel was an international model, parading for big names in the fashion world. After leaving New York and returning to Romania, Valentine’s figure began to round slightly, but the model took action and soon returned to the dimensions she displayed on the podium.

1st place

Daniela Aciu, the woman with the longest legs in Romania was adored by Giorgio Armani. The most important fashion houses “fought” for the Romanian woman to parade on the podium. Armani, Roberto Cavalli, Ermano Scervino and Zuhair Murda are just some of the big names Daniela has presented.

Originally from Zalău, Daniela is 1.81 tall and has an impressive length of legs of 123 cm. Thus, Roxana Ciuhulescu and the title of “woman with the longest legs in Romania” are history, the title being now Daniela’s main business card. As expected, its size is an asset in the world of modeling and large contracts come on the conveyor belt.

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