The Tinder alternative to China matches for you and invites you on blind dates

Funded by the Communist regime in Beijing, Palm Guixi is a dystopian interpretation of dating services, where your “ideal” partner is chosen algorithmically based on data automatically collected by the app installed on your phone.

According to the official description, the app was created to simplify the dating process for residents of Jiangxi province, matching users in search of a partner using data collected in the background by the app itself. Thus, Palm Guixi is working to generate what should be the match for its users.

Unlike alternatives such as Tinder, Bumble, Hinge or any other service based on using swipe commands to confirm/reject matches, Palm Guixi uses background data to choose instead of the user who is considered too shy/undecided to make choices on their own. According to China Youth Daily, the platform will even hold blind dates once the match is approved.

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The Chinese government launched the app in an effort to increase the marriage rate, which has steadily declined over the past decade. A report by China’s Ministry of Civil Affairs not only found that fewer residents are getting married, but of those who take the step, half were already 30 and older. China peaked in 2011 with 9.7 million registered marriages, which in 2021 fell to an all-time low of 7.6 million, Fortune reported in 2022.

Predictably, the demographic group targeted by the Palm Guixi app is none too thrilled with the latest method by which the Communist Regime is attempting to control every aspect of private life, even imposing on their spouse.

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The move comes after the entire Communist regime imposed draconian rules on divorce, leaving many people trapped in dysfunctional relationships: “Marriage is like a bet. The problem is that ordinary people can’t afford to lose, so they choose not to participate.” As a result, more and more people see marriage as a trap to avoid, further collapsing the birth rate.

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