3 Parkside tools, useful for renovations, available soon at Lidl

Lidl will introduce new tools and tools on offer under its own Parkside brand on Monday 12 August. We’ve selected three interesting products useful for any handyman.

A demolition hammer with 1,300 W power and 3,800 strokes / minute will be available for 499 lei. The device has a handle covered with a non-slip coating and a 5-meter long cable. The chuck has a quick-release system. Accessories are included in the box.

Separately, SDS hammer chisels will also be available at Lidl for 30 lei each.

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Also interesting is the laser leveller with tripod that will be available in Lidl stores. The device can be used to precisely align objects on walls, such as shelves, shelves or pictures.

Cleaning up in the workshop after completing a project is also an important activity. Lidl will sell a wet and dry vacuum cleaner with blower function, also under the Parkside brand. The device has 1,500 W of power and a 30 litre capacity tank. Various accessories are included in the box: suction heads, paper bag and hoses. The vacuum cleaner will cost 499 lei.

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All three products will come with a 3-year warranty.

Photo: Lidl.ro

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