The story of gasoline and diesel cars is over: it’s clear you’re making a mistake if you go shopping

For the first time, the electric vehicle market is enjoying unprecedented success in the eyes of buyers. It is now clearer than ever that the era of petrol and diesel cars is over and that you are making a big mistake if you make such a purchase in the future. It’s time for electric cars, according to the latest studies!

52% of respondents who want to buy a car want to buy an electric one, according to the latest EY Mobility Consumer Index. Market experts are talking about a turning point, a premiere!

This is the first time that this number has exceeded 50%, which is an increase of 22 percentage points in just two years.

Unsurprisingly, customers in China and South Korea, which rank first in the world in terms of the ratio of BEV + PHEV (electric and hybrid plug-in) per charger, are ranked 2nd and 3rd in the world. worldwide in the top of those interested in buying an EV. Italy’s presence at the top of the list, despite poor infrastructure preparation and lower EV subsidies than in other EU countries, is an interesting finding, which could be attributed to other criteria, such as a problem-conscious population. environmental “, explains Cristian Cârstoiu, Partner, Consultancy, EY Romania.

Electric cars versus combustion

Why don’t people want to hear about traditional gasoline and diesel engines?

Well, when it comes to expressing the motivations behind choosing an electric car, most buyers cite the impact on the environment. It seems that although we have been talking less and less lately about the climate crisis, people have not forgotten the difficult situation in which we find ourselves from this point of view and are aware that each of us, through smaller or larger actions, can brings an improvement in climate conditions, pollution in big cities, etc.

“There is no doubt that the rise in global fuel prices has contributed to the rise in internal combustion engines, but environmental concerns also remain at the top of the list of motivations. It is now up to the industry to meet this demand. If manufacturers are not already aware of this trend, they are following the trend and need to recover quickly, ”said Randy Miller, EY Global Advanced Manufacturing & Mobility Leader.

The survey was conducted among 13,000 people in 18 countries.

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