Google announces full support for landscape display on the Gboard keyboard

Constantly improved, the Gboard keyboard receives an update that makes it much more convenient to use in landscape mode.

Gboard is by far the most popular keyboard application used on Android devices, and now we have one more reason to appreciate it. Developed at a time when Android phones with screens over 4 inches were considered large, Gboard has somehow remained captive to those times, not really offering support for large screen devices until now.

The problem is really noticeable when you rotate the phone in a horizontal position, the Gboard interface being extended along the entire length of the screen, in a way that is neither aesthetically pleasing nor ergonomically efficient.

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This shortcoming is about to be resolved shortly, with Google preparing an update that will allow the keyboard to be displayed in split mode. Already tested in a small circle, the new version of Gboard is divided into two tax groups when the ratio of screen length to height exceeds a certain limit. The key is that the shape and layout of the keys remain unchanged, making it much easier to adjust from the version displayed with the screen in a vertical position.

However, there is another adjustment issue, with each hand having “assigned” its own character set, with only the SPACE key remaining accessible with both hands.

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It is unclear if this is a limitation that will be fixed in the official version of the app, but the toolbar at the top still appears elongated, with selections of buttons separated equidistantly.

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