The Romanian film on Netflix that is still controversial: how love is seen in the film with Tudor Chirilă

If you haven’t seen the Romanian film Sickly Bonds on Netflix, you can watch it. Although it’s older, from 2006, it’s just as topical.

So, Sickly Bonds is a 2006 film directed by Tudor Giurgiu. The screenplay is based on the novel of the same name written by Cecilia Ștefănescu.

The Netflix movie starring Tudor Chirilă that’s still relevant, and in 2023.

The story of Sickly Bonds is about Kiki and Sandu, two brothers who have a secret, incestuous relationship. The double life the two have as lovers and brothers is exposed when jealousy intervenes between the two. Alex, a simple young woman from the provinces, a student in Bucharest, intervenes in their relationship as the girlfriend of her colleague Kiki. For Sandu, Alex is an intruder in his relationship with his sister and, in a moment of jealousy, makes known the triangle of unhealthy ties.

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The cast of the Romanian film includes Maria Popistașu – Kiki, Ioana Barbu – Alex, Tudor Chirilă – Sandu, Cătălina Murgea – Mrs. Beneș, Mircea Diaconu – Mr. Dragnea, Virginia Mirea – Mrs. Dragnea, Tora Vasilescu – Mrs. Pârvulescu, Valentin Popescu – Mr. Pârvulescu, Mihai Dinvale – Prof. Mihăilescu, Puya – taxi driver, Mihaela Rădulescu – Mrs Negulescu, Carmen Tănase – Waitress, Robert Paschall Jr. – Bo.

In 2007, the film Legaturi Bolnăvicioase won the Audience Award at the Gopo Awards for the most successful box office film of 2006.

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Also, another interesting Romanian film on Netflix is Secretul Fericirii or The Secret of Happiness which you can read about here. The Romanian production was released in 2018 and reveals a game of masks in which friendship falls apart and love loses its bearings. From the first second you’ll be captivated by the fascinating conversation of the three main characters, but also by the game that becomes more and more tense as each scene brings us closer to the moral collapse of the protagonists.

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