AI and Unreal Engine will be incorporated into Verge’s electric motorcycles -.

Verge Motorcycles has announced that it is partnering with Epic Games to bring its Starmatter platform to its e-bikes. We are told that the motorcycle company plans to use AI and Unreal Engine to access new features, use machine learning and better tailor each bike to the rider, all through its Starmatter platform.

This includes the bikes using advanced sensor technologies that can update themselves, while the user interface is said to be able to improve and customize the riding experience. It is even noted that the push to bring Starmatter to each of its bikes is in full swing and you can already find Unreal Engine in each of the new Verge superbikes.

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“Advanced software is in the DNA of Verge superbikes, but Starmatter is something even bigger,” says Verge CTO Marko Lehtimäki. “It is like an invisible layer of star matter covering the motorcycle, personalizing the riding experience for each user on an individual level and enabling new exciting features. Such a comprehensive technological leap forward has never before been seen in motorcycles.”

Starmatter’s sensor package includes GPS positioning, an accelerometer, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi connectivity and can even tell you when it needs maintenance. The Verge e-bikes will also support fast charging.

AI and Unreal Engine will be incorporated into Verge's electric motorcycles
Verge Motorcycles

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