The Romanian “Cowboy” forgotten by the public. Actor Ovidiu Iuliu Moldovan died alone, stricken by a terrible illness and with great regret in his heart VIDEO

Ovidiu Iuliu Moldovan is one of the most beloved Romanian actors, although, at some point, the great artist fell into a shadow from which he could not emerge.

Ovidiu Iuliu Moldovan has starred in 42 films during his career and we’re sure you’ve seen at least some of them. You can’t help but remember his imposing figure and unmistakable voice.

Ovidiu Iuliu Moldovan – archive image

Ovidiu Iuliu Moldovan, the eternal lover of poetry

He was born on the first day of 1942, in Vișinelu, in Mureș county, and left us on a spring day in 2008. He had been suffering from cirrhosis for years and a cardio-respiratory arrest was fatal. One day, the actor simply ceased to be.

In a 2004 interview, he seemed to find it rather difficult to say which character he was most fond of, out of all the characters he had played over the years in his long career.

“Hard to say. These characters have been dear to me for different reasons. Some of them I loved because they were emblematic personalities for the history of Transylvania. And when I say that, I think of Horea – whom I embodied in Mircea Mureșan’s film. But also Avram Iancu – the one in Lucian Blaga’s play”, Ovidiu Iuliu Moldovan answered his interviewer.

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Apart from theatre and film, the actor was an avid poetry lover and, together with Ion Caramitru and Adrian Pintea, he never missed an opportunity to showcase his immense talent to the public, that of an accomplished reciter, capable of stirring the emotions of even the most frozen of human souls.

Bizarrely, in 2022, none of the members of this accomplished trio are still with us. Adrian Pintea passed away in 2007, and Ion Caramitru leaves us last year in 2021.

“My relationship with Poetry dates back to the Institute… Together with Pino and Vali Seciu I had the great good fortune to have A. Pop Marțian as my teacher, along with other teachers who demonstrated an intellectual “height” that is not often found today. A. Pop Marțian inoculated us with this “cult for poetry”.

He sent us to Eminescu, to the theatre in verse written by Schiller, by Goethe, by Racine, by Corneille. He familiarized us with what is called metrics, rhythm, musicality, incantation. He sent us into the magical world of ancient theatre. I owe my great later joys to this exceptional teacher of my youth, to this thorough study, made in good time,” the actor recounted years later.

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Ovidiu Iuliu Moldovan – archive image from the Romanian film “Horea”, released in 1984. The actor played the main role in the film.

The artist died in solitude. He never could stand vulgarity

Also he, the artist Moldovan, had a great dissatisfaction with the way the scene had evolved in recent years. The firesque he was aiming for was not the firesque of the argo, he later confessed. “I have the feeling that the Romanian language is vulgarised in many performances. Part of the audience relishes the slum picturesque, the gaudy, and I’ve seen actors who cultivate this kind of commercial success.”

Among the best known films in which Ovidiu Iuliu Moldovan acted are “The Prophet, Gold and the Transylvanians”, “The Artist, Dollars and the Transylvanians”, “The Little Prince, Oil and the Transylvanians”, “The Castle in the Carpathians”, “The Mysteries of Bucharest”, “Horea”, “The Secret of Nemesis” and “The Travelling Birds Arrive”. The list is much longer than that.

Naturally, the actor also acted in countless plays. So many that it would be impossible to list them.

Sadly, he died alone and seemingly forgotten by all those who had once been close to him.

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