Windows 11 now includes an app that allows simultaneous screen and webcam recording

Microsoft now ships with the latest version of Windows 11 and a new video editor, Clipchamp, which can be useful for those who want to create simple videos with basic editing. However, it seems that this app also has an extra feature that will certainly help those who used to use other, more complex and probably for a fee, programs to record the screen they’re working on or even add a video feed from their webcam in real time.

Microsoft has integrated Clipchamp into Windows 11, but the app is also available on Windows 10

Clipchamp is available both as a native Windows 11 (and Windows 10) app and as a web app, accessible from the browser. The 2022 update for Windows 11 introduces this app as part of the operating system, but Windows 10 users must download it manually. The only drawback is that you have to log in with your Microsoft account, the same one you use in Windows.

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Then, in the app’s menus, there’s the “Record Something” option, which lets you choose different presets for recording the screen. You can record just the screen, without the webcam video feed, you can choose to record just the webcam, or both together. The latter option, however, allows you to either create a single file, with the two feeds overlapping, or record the two video feeds separately, to be edited together later.

You can record with or without Windows operating system sound, to ensure nothing interferes with your voice, for example, or you can keep all the sounds present.

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Clipchamp’s only limitation is that you can only record for 30 minutes at a time, but that’s usually long enough for quick tutorials or presentations. Incidentally, there is no limit to the number of recordings, so when you reach 30 minutes, you can continue by pressing the “record” button again.

Source: Lifehacker

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