McDonald’s has created a grease stain resistant gaming chair with food holder

McDonald’s hopes to solve one of the problems many gamers face: the need to eat at the office without getting grease on the gaming chair. So, the fast food giant has announced the McCrispy Ultimate Gaming Chair, a gaming chair made specifically to be grease-resistant, but also equipped with a stand on which to place food.

McDonald’s gaming chair looks weird, but could prove practical

The chair looks at first glance like any other gaming chair, being made of natural leather and shaped to keep the user comfortable during gaming sessions. It is decorated in McDonald’s colours of yellow and brown, and comes with two cushions: one for lumbar support and one to rest your head on. What is not “standard” on this chair, however, are the attachments on the sides.

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The chair includes two trays with holes that can accommodate a portion of Mec’s fries, a glass of juice, two potato sauces, a heated box where you can accommodate a portion of McCrispy, and a towel holder so you can wipe your hands. The trays can be reconfigured to be placed on the user’s preferred side. So although in the photo we see the potatoes on the right side, they can be moved to the left.

McDonald’s says the McCrispy Ultimate Gaming Chair is grease stain resistant and can be easily cleaned.

Of course, this is not a product we expect to see in stores or McDonald’s locations around the world. The company has produced a limited run of promotional chairs that it will offer to customers in promotions across the US to mark the launch of the new McCrispy. Still, it’s an interesting proposition, and perhaps if this concept is successful, more companies in the area will develop similar food and drink-holding chairs.

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