The Rings of Power has “torn Amazon Prime in half”: fans really missed Lord of the Rings

The series based on the world of Lord of the Rings, The Rings of Power has “split in two” audiences on Amazon Prime, as expected.

Clearly, this demonstrates that moviegoers’ “hunger” for the world of Lord of the Rings has not abated one bit, despite the fact that nothing of note has been released on the market lately, for which one might have thought that oblivion had set in.

The Rings of Power, absolute record

According to Amazon, on its first day, The Rings of Power was watched by 25 million viewers worldwide. It should also be noted that Prime Video can currently be accessed from 240 countries.

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However, so far, the Amazon giant has been somewhat discreet about its viewing figures. One suspects that it might not have much to brag about, in fact, say the bad rumours.

But as the facts of the matter have changed, there is now no reason to keep such information under lock and key.

However, the fact that Amazon hasn’t “given away the house” until now puts the comparison somewhat in doubt. All we have to do is take their word for it.

In other news, House of the Dragon, the new series based on the Games of Thrones universe, had nearly 10 million viewers on its first day of release. However, this figure is strictly for the US so, again, it’s difficult to say how it stands worldwide and, more importantly, whether it surpasses the success of Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power.

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As you already know, The Rings of Power can also be seen from here at home, since you can subscribe to Amazon Prime.

The first two episodes were released in Romania on September 2, with the remaining episodes to be released weekly.

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