What’s scaring ‘Wednesday’: Jenna Ortega revealed which movie is giving her the creeps

Jenna Ortega is currently one of the most acclaimed actresses in the world. She earned this fame after playing Wednesday in the newest Netflix series, directed by Tim Burton.

Recently, the actress talked about the horror movie that managed to give her chills. So, let’s see what might be scary enough to scare even Wednesday Addams.

What movie could scare even Wednesday Addams

“I think the first scary movie I ever watched, or at least saw some of before I hid in fear, was the one with the Chucky doll.

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My older brothers were watching and I asked if I could see the movie with them, because I liked movies, and they said ‘no, you’ll get scared’. They sent me to my room and I remember sneaking a peek and literally just seeing a handful. I screamed in horror because I knew this doll was a killer. Until I was 15 I had nightmares about that hand,” said Jenna Ortega.

It’s indeed interesting to see how different the actress is from the role she played, and it shows how well she actually did her job in the new series you can watch on Netflix – if you haven’t before, obviously.

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The funny thing is that one of the most important characters in The Addams Family is “Thing”. In context, we don’t even want to imagine what Ortega went through during filming for Wednesday, since for more than a quarter of the movie, the character was in close proximity to her.

If you haven’t heard by now, Thing was played by Romanian illusionist Victor Dorobanțu, and much of the filming was done in Romania.

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