Keanu Reeves returns in Constantine 2: what we know so far about the sci-fi sequel

A new poster for Constantine 2 shows titular anti-hero Keanu Reeves returning from hell while smoking a cigarette.

A new Constantine 2 poster imagines Keanu Reeves’ character returning from hell. Released in 2005, director Francis Lawrence’s sci-fi film follows supernatural exorcist John Constantine as he works with Angela (Rachel Weisz) to prove her sister’s death was not a suicide.

The film earned largely negative reviews from critics, but proved popular with audiences, grossing $230.9 million at the box office and eventually developing a cult following. Last fall, it was announced that Constantine 2 was officially moving forward, with Reeves expected to reprise his role as the demonologist.

While no official promotional material for Constantine 2 has been released yet, a new poster shared by @JasonVoorheesIM on Twitter features the character played by Reeves. John smokes, in typical fashion, and the character has “To Hell And Back” written on his forehead, possibly serving as a clue to the sequel.

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Constantine 2 is in production

There were originally plans for Constantine to return as an HBO series from J.J. Abrams, but that plan was abandoned in favor of a feature film, which Abrams will produce. Lawrence is expected to return as director, but there is currently no word yet on what the Constantine sequel story will be about.

With the recent resurgence of Reeves’ career, thanks in large part to the John Wick franchise, the actor is certainly a strong reason why the sequel has been given the green light, but it’s unclear if other characters from the original film will return, including Weisz as Angela or Peter Stormare as the devil.

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Although no official information has been released on the sequel’s story, the end of the first film adds some interesting plot threads. At the end of the first Constantine, Angela decides to dedicate her life to the paranormal, potentially suggesting a much more prominent role for Weisz’s character in the sequel.

It’s also possible, of course, that Constantine 2 will feature an entirely new story, perhaps from the rich history of the DC Comics character. While no story details have been released, it has been confirmed that Akiva Goldsman will write the script. It’s also not yet known when the film will be released.

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