The president of the 5 Star Movement blames the Democratic Party for the lack of unity on the left.

Sep. 26 () –

The president of the 5 Star Movement, Giuseppe Conte, has blamed on Sunday night the Democratic Party for the lack of unity among the center-left parties.

Conte has claimed that the center-left bloc could have been competitive, but that the Democratic Party led by Enrico Letta has prevented it.

“The Democratic Party has compromised a political action that could be competitive against this center-right that has presented itself united,” Conte has criticized, from the headquarters of his party, after the election day.

In this sense, the M5S leader has affirmed that his party will make a progressive and democratic agenda from the opposition. “We will see if the Democratic Party follows us, if it wants to join our opposition battles,” he has questioned, before clarifying that his party will not create a coalition with Letta’s party.

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“We are the first political force in the south (of the country) and this is a very important fact. We will defend all our battles and our conquests. We will not allow anyone to dismantle them,” he asserted, after celebrating the comeback: “We are the third political force and therefore we have a great responsibility”.

Conte has recognized the victory of the right-wing coalition: “The citizens have expressed their opinion and we must take note that they have rewarded the center-right coalition that legitimately stands as a candidate to govern the country,” he said.

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However, Conte, who is running as leader of the opposition, has pointed out that the immediate battle is to change the electoral law, because “the center-right will be a majority in Parliament but not in the country.”

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