Panama regulates cannabis consumption for medicinal and therapeutic use

Panama’s president, Laurentino Cortizo, has approved this Wednesday two decree laws on the medicinal and therapeutic use of cannabis and its derivatives, thus regulating the use and access of the substance for therapeutic, medical or scientific purposes throughout the country.

“I signed the Executive Decree that regulates Law 242 of 2021, which regulates the medicinal and therapeutic use of cannabis and its derivatives; one of the most solid regulations at the regional level, to allow the consumption of processed cannabis and give relief to thousands of patients,” the Panamanian president has expressed in his Twitter account.

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Cortizo has also announced the creation of the National Directorate for the Monitoring of Activities Related to Medical Cannabis, attached to the Ministry of Public Security for the 2control, surveillance and supervision of the required activities.”

People who will be able to consume cannabis in the Central American country will be those with medical prescription, following a strong control and supervision through a “rigorous and reliable patient registration system”.

“The purpose of all this is for Panama to have the best management model for the medical cannabis industry. Our intention is to promote in the medium and long term the establishment of local and foreign companies that can supply the domestic market using raw materials produced in Panama,” Cortizo has indicated in statements collected by ‘Corteo’.

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