The newest Cybertruck prototype looks different from the original. VIDEO

Tesla’s cybertruck was announced more than two years ago, and the 2022 launch deadline appears to have been postponed to next year. However, Tesla seems to be working hard to bring the electric truck to market, developing multiple prototypes. The latest prototype was filmed recently and seems to reveal some significant differences from the original version that debuted in 2019. However, we may see more differences from this design in the final version.

Tesla has modified some elements on the exterior of Cybertruck

A video that appears to have been made by an employee of a Tesla factory shows Cybertruck from all angles, revealing details that we have not known until now. It seems that compared to the prototype car shown in 2019, Tesla installed a few other elements on the outside, but also removed other elements.

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For example, for the first time, Cybertruck has a windshield wiper. Unfortunately, it is only installed on the driver’s side, and it still cannot cover the entire surface of the window. Elon Musk previously stated that the idea behind the wiper is not to be permanently installed, but to be stored in the front trunk until needed, at which point the driver can install it manually. This design is likely to be changed before the final release.

Then we can see that the new Cybertruck has rear-view mirrors, something the prototype did not include. The idea was for the car to be equipped with cameras and displays, but at the moment they have not been installed. This could be a legal issue, as cars need to be legally fitted with mirrors. Finally, we don’t have door handles. The car had handles in the original version, but now it seems that it can only be opened with a card or a smartphone.

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Now that other companies like Ford, General Motors and Rivian have introduced electric alternatives to Cybertruck, with a more traditional design and close performance, Cybertruck no longer looks as advanced as it originally was. Aside from the out-of-the-ordinary design with straight lines and steel construction, the other alternatives may seem more appealing to those looking for an electric pickup truck.

At the same time, however, Tesla still has the advantage of the Supercharger charging network and more advanced battery and engine technologies.

source: The Verge

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