Windows 11 was also released in the physical version. Just find a compatible PC with a DVD drive

Given the year we are in, the news that Microsoft is launching Windows 11 in DVD version should be the most fun. In practice, there is a plausible reason for this.

Launched many months ago, Windows 11 has so far been purchased exclusively online, first reading an installation guide that includes a very strict compatibility test, requiring specialized hardware for the proper functioning of newly introduced security technologies. Meanwhile, Microsoft has paved the way for the widespread launch of the successor to Windows 10, providing a way to install the new OS without regard to the requirement for TPS 2.0, the dedicated security chip, which should be present on all next-generation PCs.

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Thus, from now on you will be able to buy Windows 11 directly from the store, with the guarantee that you will be able to install it on any PC of your choice, whether or not it meets the technical requirements that Microsoft only now recommends.

Not that it would matter, but you could still have Windows 11, by purchasing a Windows 10 license at the lowest price found in the store or online, after which you can upgrade to the new OS for free.

As with Windows 10, Microsoft will offer the “physical” version of Windows 10 and USB support. In order not to confuse the packages, Microsoft offers different images on each of them. On the disc, the package includes a screenshot of the Windows 11 desktop. In the case of the stick edition, the package is covered only with the Windows logo, in the same colors: blue for Home and purple for Pro.

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