The new Dacia Spring, more expensive than ever: how much more do you have to take out of your pocket now

The first Romanian electric car becomes more expensive to see with your own eyes. Until recently, Dacia Spring boasted the title of the cheapest all-electric car in Romania. But the situation is far from as optimistic now.

If you are thinking of buying a Dacia Spring, starting with April of this year, without the Rabla program or other subsidies, you will pay a price starting from 20,300 euros. It is important to note that this increase is only the latest increase in price, in the context in which the current purchase value is no longer related to the figure from the spring of 2021, when the car went on sale.

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Dacia Spring, more expensive than ever

In Romania, pre-orders for Dacia Spring started on March 20, 2021. At that time, the starting price offered by the manufacturer was 18,100 euros, VAT included. The price was for the Comfort Plus, equipped with a range of equipment to increase safety at the wheel, such as ABS, ESP, speed limiter, electronic brake force distributor, six airbags, automatic emergency braking and emergency call ( S.O.S). Also missing from the equation were the 7-inch touch-sensitive navigation and multimedia system, the back-to-back parking assist, and the Mode 3 (AC) charging cable.

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The optional chapter includes the Mode 2 – 10A charging cable and the 30kW DC fast charging adapter. In theory, there was also a promise about a Dacia Spring Comfort variant, available at a price of 16,800 euros including VAT, but that iteration has not stopped in the last year in Mioritic lands and it is not clear if this will happen again. ever.

In any case, Dacia Spring started on our market with 18,100 euros. It went up to 19,100 euros on November 8, 2021, and now you get the same car for 20,300 euros, plus 450 euros for the 30kW DC fast charging adapter and / or 200 euros for the Mode 3 – 10A charging cable (EVSE).

The official price at Dacia Spring, in Romania

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