The Libyan Prime Minister announces the preparation of a calendar for the calling of elections

MADRID, Feb. 12 (Royals Blue) –

Libya’s Prime Minister of Unity, Abdul Hamid Dbeibé, has pointed to the House of Representatives of the parallel government based in Tobruk as being responsible for the “chaos” in Libya, for which he has indicated that he must “leave the scene” and for this He has indicated that on February 17 he will announce an electoral calendar.

“The House of Representatives is behind the chaos and bloodshed in Libya and must leave the scene,” Dbeibé said in statements collected by the Libya Observer portal.

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On Friday, a demonstration in Tripoli expressed its support for the unity government and also pointed to the parallel government in Tobruk for the appointment last Thursday of Fazi Bashagha as prime minister.

The Parliament of Tobruk has given Bashagha two weeks to form a Government of National Solidarity (GNS, for its acronym in English) in what Dbeibé has described as a new attempt to overthrow the unity government after the failure of the military offensive of 2019.

Libya has had a unity government since March 2021 after a process of talks to unify the opposing administrations, after the internationally recognized authorities based in Tripoli repelled in 2020 the offensive launched a year earlier by the ‘warlord ‘ Khalifa Haftar.

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With the celebration of new elections, Libya seeks to shelve the institutional crisis opened in 2014 and the instability it has suffered since the capture and execution in October 2011 of the country’s former leader Muammar Gaddafi in the midst of the revolt against his regime.

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