AMD has the largest market share in history in the X86 processor segment, but is already losing ground to Intel

Aided by the crazy success of the Ryzen processor family, AMD officially broke its record in 2006, when the Athlon processor family left the Intel Pentium 4 alternative far behind.

Although it still fails to become an absolute leader in the industry, AMD accounts for 25.6% of the global x86 processor market in Q4-2021, 0.3% more than in the previous “golden age”.

However, even the current peak does not seem to be supported on such a firm support, Intel already seems to be trying to return to the retail segment, where the new family of Alder Lake processors (eg Core i9-12900K) shows comparable performance or even superior to the AMD alternative Ryzen.

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Instead, AMD has managed to establish itself in the much more valuable market for server processors, with the EPYC processor range demonstrating many advantages in terms of performance, efficiency and cost.

Another major victory for AMD is in the gaming console segment, the company being in an extremely favorable position, to be able to deliver both a CPU and a GPU in the space of the same silicon chip, both offering an adequate level of performance. very competitive costs. Virtually every modern gaming console is now based on an AMD processor.

But for now, AMD-controlled market share in the highly visible PC processor market is down from 17% in Q3-2021 to 16.2% at the end of last year. Things are not better in the laptop segment either, with the market share for AMD falling to 21.6%, compared to 22% in the Q3-2021 quarter.

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In absolute terms, revenues reported for the quarter Q4-2021 are 49% higher than in the same period last year, respectively $ 4.8 billion. AMD also reported record revenues for the full year of 2021. However, maintaining the current trend largely depends on how the future Ryzen 7000 processor family will be able to impose itself in the face of the new competition raised by Intel.

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