The law is changing in Romania, from tomorrow, for all drivers: what happens to the rovinieta

If you are not careful, rovinieta can become an important source of fines, but a new law that comes into force tomorrow, April 27, 2022, could make your life significantly easier, even if it is meant to bring more money to the state budget.

A new order from the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure (MTI), after it was formalized earlier this month and will enter into force on Wednesday, will be reflected in email notifications for those whose roviniets are about to expire. The order with legislative value will be applied in the case of Romanians who have previously purchased roviniete with a validity of at least 30 days. As a reference, any Romanian who drives his car on national roads, outside the locality, is obliged to have a rovinieta, and through a network of fixed cameras, he can wake up at any time with a fine for its expiration.

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What does the law say for drivers in Romania, about roviniete

From Wednesday, April 27, 2022, the MTI Order no. 365/2022, published on April 12 in the Official Gazette, will be felt at national level. The legislative document introduces the possibility for drivers to be notified by email of the expiration date of the toll. The notification will not be sent to all drivers on public roads in our country, but only to those who have previously purchased a toll with a validity equal to or greater than 30 days.

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“Distributors have the obligation to implement, within a maximum of 6 months from the entry into force of this order, the necessary changes so that the mobile phone operating systems, to ensure the users the possibility to be notified, by e-mail, regarding the expiration of the validity period of the rovinieta ”, it is written, more precisely, in the MTI order.

In the context in which many drivers did not give their email address when they made their rovinieta and did not give their consent to be notified by email, in most cases, the legislative measure will make its effects felt from the following acquisition of the vignette.

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