The Invincible demo now available on Steam – That’s Gaming

The first-person narrative adventure game The Invincible now has a demo available on Steam as part of the ongoing LudoNarraCon 2023 event. The demo is available until the end of LudoNarraCon 2023, scheduled for May 11. The demo can be downloaded for free on Steam.

The first glimpse we got of the demo was through a video released earlier this week that showed the first 10 minutes. The video showed gameplay and a few story snippets, but focused on not revealing too many details due to the unavailability of the demo at the time.

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In The Invincible, players assume the role of astrobiologist Yasna, who finds herself on the distant planet Regis III for a rescue mission. Due to the general hostility of the planet, things soon go awry for Yasna and her mission.

Originally revealed a few years ago, The Invincible has seen the release of a few trailers. Last year, a trailer showed The Invincible’s gameplay, while a more recent trailer earlier this year focused on a mix of gameplay and story.

The Invincible is scheduled for release on PC, PlayStation and Xbox sometime in 2023.

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