Fortnite at Olympic Esports Week

The International Olympic Committee and the National Olympic Council of Singapore. have announced the inclusion of Fortnite at the upcoming Olympic Esports Week.. The title will enter the series with the support of the. International Shooting Sport Federation.

Although Fortnite is known for its battle royale modea staple of their international esports competitions, the Olympic Esports Week will not include this game mode. Instead, the organizers have created the. ‘ISSF sport shooting island’an island “Fortnite Creative” custom designed and focused on sport shooting.

According to the organizers, 12 Fortnite Champion Series (FNCS) players, the top tier of Fortnite esports, will compete on the island in various shooting challenges. The organizers explained that the island is made to mirror the esports shooting competition, and will test the shooters’ marksmanship accuracy.

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The inclusion of Fortnite is relatively surprising for Olympic Esports Week, considering that all other titles were announced in advance. This brings the total number of games to 10, with titles including racing games, archery, sailing and others.

Fortnite’s map creation tools are powerful, but it remains to be seen how well they can emulate the real sport. However, it is very intriguing that Fortnite esports players will participate in the tournament. This title joins a lineup of games that includes. Just Dance, Grand Turismo, Tennis Clash and Virtual Regatta.

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