Liechtenstein wants to open up to Bitcoin

Castle Vaduz

Vaduz Castle, Liechtenstein – Pixabay

The government from Liechtenstein provides foraccept the Bitcoin payments for utilities. The country could also realize investments in the crypto-currencies.

In a recent interview with the German daily Handelsblattthe Prime Minister of Liechtenstein Daniel Risch stated that citizens should be able to pay for certain public services in Bitcoin (BTC).

The government would automatically convert digital coins so as not to be dependent on the volatility present in the crypto market.

The franc is the official currency and Bitcoin would not have legal status,” Risch said.

The small German-speaking principality located between Austria and Switzerland is known for its medieval castles and Alpine scenery, but also for its regulatory lead in the crypto segment.

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According to the Wall Street JournalLiechtenstein is one of the few jurisdictions in the world – along with Bermuda – to have a truly mature regulation in this area.

The Prime Minister also said the country would monitor the cryptocurrency market to make Potential future investments. “Crypto-assets like Bitcoin are currently still too risky […] But this assessment may change he explained.

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