The II edition of ‘Madrid in Game HackJams’ is once again looking for Madrid talent: Can you develop a video game in 48 hours?

‘Hack Jams’ returns to the Campus del videojuego with a new edition of the 48-hour video game development marathon of Madrid in Game.. An initiative of the Madrid City Council in which ten teams live together and compete creating games based on the same theme for two days. The proposal was born with the objective of promoting creativity, collaborative work and innovation.bringing together developers and artists from the sector to design the future of the industry and gamification while boosting gamer talent.

The event takes place from September 15 to 17.. Developers will have two days to create their video games focused on a theme that will be revealed at the beginning of the event. The new ‘Hack Jam’ will incorporate several new features compared to the first edition: on Friday, September 15, the Experience Center will be open from 17:30 to 18:30 for free access to professional presentations by speakers from the gaming industry. and representatives from other sectors such as Lidia Jiménez and Andrea Coloma, illustrator and Concept Artist at the European University and Senior Fashion Designer at MANGO, respectively.

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Registration is available on the ‘Hack Jam’ registration website ( For its part, the Esports Center will exhibit the games created in the I edition so that they can be enjoyed by the public.

With this marathon, Madrid in Game aims to promote the talent of the sector and establish a meeting point with different professionals and developers within the gaming ecosystem. For two days, the ‘jammers’ will be able to give free rein to their ideas, acquire professional skills and will have mentoring and networking to establish synergies while living together in the Campus of the video game of Casa de Campo. On September 17, a jury will test the games and give its verdict, awarding the best creation and the categories of design, art and playability.

In the first ‘Hack Jam’, held last July under the slogan “Alternative Madrid: Parallel Realities”, different concepts starring the capital were explored within the world of video games. More than a hundred participants from all over the country registered for the event, which brought them together for two days to develop their proposals. The games created at the July event – which are available on the platform ( – presented scenarios in which the city became a floating city, a subway society or a futuristic dystopia.

What the first edition of ‘Hack Jams’ showed us is that this is a long term initiative. The creativity, cooperation, effort and multidisciplinary skills that go hand in hand with these days. From Madrid in Game we continue to demonstrate the economic and artistic potential of the video game industry, with the city of Madrid as a thriving enclave for all players in the sector, including developers, investors and fans.

The Councilor for Innovation and Entrepreneurship of the Madrid City Council, Ángel Niño.

As in the first edition, the videogames born during this exciting day will be available for enjoyment once the marathon is over. Registration, open and free for adults, can be done through the Madrid in Game portal ( until September 10.

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