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Global technology company and smartphone manufacturer OnePlus is joining forces with Pukkelpop and Proximus to host an obstacle course in the popular online game Roblox. OnePlus’ unique course is part of the virtual version of the festival. This way, young fans can enjoy the energy and atmosphere of Pukkelpop regardless of their physical location. This is perfectly in line with OnePlus’ motto of bringing the world innovative opportunities in technology and going beyond the status quo. The digital festival grounds feature plenty of other fun playgrounds with unique fauna & flora, cool mini-games and, of course, music.

Roblox is a game that unites millions of mainly young users worldwide in virtual worlds and mini-games. The game offers the opportunity to interact with others and share creative content. The partnership with Roblox allows Pukkelpop to offer a whole new dimension of interaction and fun. The virtual version of Pukkelpop in Roblox offers a free-to-play experience. It has its own identity, but also includes familiar Pukkelpop elements such as the signature flags, different stages and even a backstage area. Visitors can walk around the festival grounds with their virtual avatars, where they will be challenged for and through various amusing mini-games at different spots.

Roblox is primarily popular among fledgling teens and fresh-faced twenty-somethings, making it a perfect fit for an important target audience of the festival. “Pukkelpop is often the first festival young people go to.”, says spokesman Frederik Luyten. “For them and younger pre-Pukkelpoppers, this is a fun way to get acquainted with everything Pukkelpop stands for. Even if you can’t or shouldn’t come to the real festival yet. And where in the ‘real world’ we are first and foremost a music festival, in the virtual environment there is a little more focus on the playful.”

First virtual headliner: ISE
The music remains emphatic and the young Limburg-based ISE gets the honor of performing the first avatar show in the virtual Pukkelpop world. She convincingly won Pukkelpop’s open call and received her own unique mo-cap avatar for the first-ever virtual showcase. On Saturday, Aug. 19, this performance will premiere at Roblox and ISE will also play live at the brand new E-rena at Pukkelpop.

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“We are and will remain a festival where musical talent is given every opportunity. With this initiative we also hope to get artists excited about new channels and offer them the opportunity to tell their story in a way that belongs in the lifeworld of Gen Z and soon to be Alpha. With a digital revolution in full expansion, it makes sense for us as a festival to experiment with this. That totally fits Pukkelpop’s DNA, by the way.”, said Luyten.

Strong partnerships
The virtual Pukkelpop world is the result of intense collaboration with Proximus and digital developer yondr.

Proximus and Pukkelpop traditionally look back on a solid partnership and are delighted to launch the first virtual Pukkelpop together. This is not Proximus’ first test. After the success of the Proximus Fiber Hyper Run campaign in Fortnite earlier this year, the company is once again demonstrating its expertise in the metaverse. This project fits perfectly within Proximus’ Think Possible culture, where innovation and collaboration are central to making festivals accessible to all.

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Proximus wants to be the ideal ally for gamers striving for an unparalleled gaming experience. With Fiber’s ultra-high speeds and minimal latency, this quest is now taken to the next level. The partnership with Pukkelpop in Roblox confirms Proximus’ commitment to connecting people through innovative technologies.

Developer yondr also looks back on this project with great satisfaction. With this multi-branded world, combined with an avatar concert, a unique concept is being marketed worldwide. In the future, marketers should focus more on building communities to break through the noise of “information overload.

Like the real festival site, the virtual environment also features a variety of creative partner projects. For example, look out for the obstacle course by smartphone manufacturer OnePlus, the vegetable quest by healthy food specialist Foodmaker and jumping on the back of the ‘Frikandel XXL’ by snack manufacturer Van Reusel.

Finally linking up is Plan International Belgium’s e-pavilion, where young people can learn in a low-threshold way about transgressive behavior in virtual worlds and especially how to deal with it. “A commendable initiative with which we want to endorse our own We Care A Lot policy also virtually”, concludes Frederik Luyten.

Practical information
Pukkelpop in Roblox is now available for free to all players. Visitors to the physical festival can also come and admire the digital festival site at the new E-rena, next to the Food Wood booth. On Saturday, August 19, look forward to the very first showcase with ISE, starting at 7 p.m. in Roblox and the E-rena. Game on!

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