Apple may not launch the next AirPods and HomePod until 2025

The year 2023 will likely be centered around the launch of a new product category within Apple, so we can only expect new iPhones and perhaps minor upgrades in other areas of the portfolio. Those who wanted new, improved accessories will probably have to wait another two years, if the latest information released by TF Securities business analyst Ming-Chi Kuo turns out to be true.

Apple fans could wait another two years for new AirPods models

Kuo, who recently suggested that Apple is preparing to launch a foldable iPad, now claims that those who want new models in the audio device area will have to wait until 2025. Last year, Apple launched the second-generation AirPods Pro, and the year before that brought the AirPods 3 to market. It looks like those waiting for AirPods 4 or AirPods Max 2, are going to be disappointed, both this year and next. What’s more, the HomePod Mini speaker, launched in 2020, will remain on offer unchanged for another two years.

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Some of these products could come to market sooner, but not before mid-2024. Given that Apple has been delaying products it wasn’t ready to release lately, the two-year timeframe seems optimistic.

Next year, the company could be “busy,” with the launch of new iPad and MacBook models equipped with OLED displays, and perhaps a cheaper version of the virtual reality device, which could debut this year at an extremely high price ($3,000).

The AirPods 4 could actually be a “budget” model, bringing the company’s offering to a lower price point than in the past. AirPods 1, 2 and 3 started at $179 in the US at launch, and currently AirPods 2, the older model that still sells, costs $129. The next AirPods could start at $99, a price range in which many competing pairs of headphones offer advanced features like background noise cancellation and double the battery life of the AirPods.

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