The Google TV platform receives new features, inspired by Android 13

Android 13 is also about to upgrade the Android TV platform, the future firmware for SmartTVs bringing features such as Virtual Remote and Cast on Google TV.

With 110 million monthly active users, Android TV OS is steadily consolidating Google’s dominance of the smart device ecosystem. And smart TVs connected to the internet can be particularly profitable, in the context of the new trend for the replacement of cable TV services with on-demand content services, accessible through the internet connection.

What’s new is the new Google TV platform, based on Android 13

  • Profiles and kids – a personalized space, suitable for all members of your family, with recommendations for special content for children.
  • Virtual Remote – you can use your smartphone as a remote control, including typing, touchpad screen navigation, volume adjustment, and Google Assistant activation
  • Cast on Google TV – to play any kind of media content on your smartphone, on the TV screen, in real time
  • Performance & quality – software that will work in the background, analyzing your preferences and usage habits, to deliver the best suggestions for content to watch
  • Accessibility – support for various keyboard formats and control devices, including those used by people with locomotor or hearing impairments
  • Multitasking – you will be able to use your webcam and enjoy picture-in picture functionality simultaneously. You’ll be able to play applications in individual windows and even use multiple applications at once.
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Trumpeting its own success, Google announces that it has already signed with over 300 manufacturers to include the Android TV platform on newly manufactured TVs. These include 7 of the leading OEM TV brands, along with 170 Pay TV service providers. In addition, Google also shows that the ecosystem of Android applications available on TV has already exceeded 10,000, the trend being to accelerate the consolidation of the ecosystem.

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