The future is here – the grill that announces you directly on your smartphone when the steak is ready (P)

Forget everything you know about interior grills and get ready for the perfect, fast and modern cooked revolution right in the kitchen or even on the balcony of your apartment. With the new models of smart electric grills, you will enjoy smoke-free cooking or other complications encountered in the traditional charcoal grill.

So, in the lines below, we will briefly present you with a unique concept of preparing the fastest and most fragrant portions of meat in the kitchen, on the balcony, on the balcony of an apartment, or in the courtyard or terrace behind your house. vegetables, seafood or any other food you and your family prefer.

If you live in a city where the traditional charcoal grill is not an option, then a more modern approach might be the perfect solution! Weber Pulse 1000 is a premium all-electric electric grill that will help you cook quickly, various types of meat, vegetables or other dishes suitable for grilling, in a delicious and especially healthy way, by avoiding excessive smoke. or the use of fossil fuels thanks to a modern and more eco-friendly style of cooking.

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Thanks to its compact dimensions as well as the concept of operation based on electricity, the Weber Pulse 1000 model becomes the ideal product for customers who want to enjoy a delicious grill, but who do not benefit from an extensive space. Due to the high power of 1.8 kW, as well as the high efficiency, it allows a uniform cooking of food, keeping the unmistakable taste of the grill.

The model is also equipped with a thermometer with which you can constantly monitor the optimum temperature for cooking food inside. In addition, with the smart Weber smartphone app, you will be able to track the status of the dishes inside the grill, directly from the comfort of the couch, waiting for it to complete its cooking cycle according to your preferences. Along with gas grill models, the electric grill is the perfect alternative for customers who live in blocks of flats and want to fry various dishes, but without disturbing their neighbors with the smell of smoke.

In addition, this model of electric grill uses in its construction, enameled cast iron plates with porcelain that manage to give the prepared food, that juicy taste and aromas typical of a classic grill. In this way, a steak will have a richer taste and a much more complex texture, perhaps even more than the one you serve in a pretentious restaurant and certainly better than the meat cooked on a frying pan in the kitchen.

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And if you have any doubts about the relatively new technology with which these unique cooking devices are equipped on the Romanian market, the Weber electric grill also comes with an extended five-year warranty, enough to dispel any fears about product quality. .

Weber Pulse 1000 description and benefits:

  • Grill Type: Electric
  • Useful cooking space: 31cm x 41cm (1271cm2)
  • Total weight: 33 kg


  • the electric grill offers a modern approach to the classic grill;
  • is careful with the environment due to the smoke-free ecological cooking;
  • modern design and high quality materials with 5 year warranty;
  • state-of-the-art technologies and smart application for temperature control.

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