Nikon, a household name among DSLR camera enthusiasts, announces it will no longer ship only mirrorless cameras

Inevitably, the SLR (DSLR if purely digital) camera fad is coming to an end, with the Nikon D6 set to go down in history as the Japanese manufacturer’s last SLR.

Compared to newer generation mirrorless solutions, DSLR cameras retain some advantages, but they come at the compromise of bulkier and more expensive cameras than absolutely necessary.

SLR (single-lens reflex) cameras use a series of mechanical parts and mirrors to display an image through the lens or up through the eyepiece. Mirrorless cameras have taken the industry by storm in the last decade. In addition, smartphone cameras are becoming increasingly capable, and casual consumers no longer see the need to buy a separate camera. In fact, most consumers don’t even notice the difference between pictures taken with a DSLR and those taken by a high-performance smartphone camera. As the cost of the two categories can be similar, why not opt for the solution that also offers a high-end smartphone to keep in your pocket, instead of an inconvenient camera to carry and handle.

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According to the Japan Camera and Imaging Products Association, sales of Mirrorles significantly outpaced those of SLR models (2.93 million units VS 2.37 million):

Nikon cameras lost out to smartphones, which increasingly have powerful cameras,” writes Nikkei . “Nikon aims to beat them by offering products with more unique features.” Rival Canon is also expected to stop producing SLR cameras in the next few years.

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