The first historically dated pub in Bucharest gave birth to the famous expression “drunk cry”

A document shows that the first pub in Bucharest is the one that gave birth to the famous expression “drunk cry”. Find out details about the history of old Bucharest.

The historian Constantin C. Giurescu talks in “History of Bucharest” about what is a famous pub from the early 1700s. Due to this location was born one of the most famous expressions of Romanians “drunk”.

The document dates from May 13, 1714 and, according to him, “Ștefan Cantacuzino exempts Popei Crițului gives to the church of Stelii a pub of his next to the church of Stelii, gives usning, gives smoking, gives royal wine and gives customs”, Popa Scream being the owner of the pub.

Its name came from Crete, so it was also called Popa Cretan, originally Greek. Due to the parties he gave and the large number of wine jugs he drank, his name got a Romanian connotation, so if it was hard to say “drunk Crete”, the final expression was ” drunk. “

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A pub in Bucharest that gave the Romanian people a famous expression

It seems that the heaviest innkeepers in Bucharest were the priests, “where you put that the small entrepreneurs were obliged, in addition to their wine, to sell royal wine and to bring to the Lord the parallels they won, every weekend.”

The profit was also guaranteed because all those who competed with the Church and the Grand Governors were cut off from their “barrel plugs.” In a document given to the Radu Vodă monastery, which dates from May 5, 1743, Mihai Racoviță decides:

“For how many taverns it would be for some to sell their wines too close to the monastery’s estate, not to allow any of them to sell wine, but to cut their plugs, so that only the wine that would be sold would be sold. at the monastery pubs. And which people would have circuses beyond the monastery pubs and would also be on the monastery’s estate, those to sell, only to give up the habit of the estate, how many barrels they would sell, how many barrels as many as one, and so on to sell ″.

George Coșbuc, Elena Vaida Voievod, Dr. Ciuta, Alex appear in the opening photo. Vaida-Voievod, and IL Caragiale in Germany, in 1911, from left to right and has only the role of illustration.

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