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The disaster that reduced Škoda’s production: what happens to the Octavia


The fire in Mladá Boleslav, which affected the Grupo Antolin plant, will affect the production of Škoda Auto. Above all, it will impact the production of the Octavia model.

The fire, which broke out in Mladá Boleslav on Saturday night and spread to the Grupo Antolin plant, will have a severe impact on the production of the largest Czech carmaker, Škoda Auto. The affected company makes door panels for this, and the car manufacturer cannot in any way replace the given part of the fabric.

“Without fabric, we will have to close every Octavia produced, because the interruption will only affect this model. I suspect that we will postpone 16,000 unfinished Octavia due to the fire before the situation calms down, ”said Škoda union leader Jaroslav Povšík in an interview with HN, adding that he estimates production complications for several months.

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Skoda has achieved its goal

However, Škoda, which is owned by the VW Group, says it has achieved its CO2 target of the EU fleet by 2021.

The average emission value of all models delivered in 2021 in the Member States of the European Union, as well as in Norway and Iceland was 114.8 g / km – 3 g below the EU limit.

It is said that the increased share of all-electric vehicles, in particular, has lowered the average emission values ​​and thus significantly contributed to the achievement of the targets.

Škoda also says it is “moving forward with the decarbonisation of its vehicle fleet”. In 2021, the Czech carmaker delivered approximately 43,400 electric vehicles to EU member states, including Norway and Iceland, along with 27,600 plug-in hybrids.

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Škoda points out that the all-electric Enyaq iV SUV plays a major role in achieving the EU fleet’s CO2 target.

It has already delivered around 39,000 units to customers in the EU – and in Norway and Iceland.

It was the best-selling electric vehicle in the Netherlands and the Czech Republic in 2021.

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