The Colombian Supreme Court reactivates the case against Uribe for alleged vote buying in 2018

MADRID, Jan. 24 (Royals Blue) –

The Supreme Court of Justice of Colombia has reactivated this Monday the case against former president Álvaro Uribe for a crime of alleged purchase of votes in 2018 through the money of organized crime, the scandal known as ‘Ñeñepolítica’, in reference to the assassinated drug trafficker José ‘Ñeñe’ Hernandez.

This Monday, the former Colombian beauty queen María Mónica Urbina made a statement and it is expected that in the next few days Nubia Stella Martínez, director of the Democratic Center party, and María Claudia Daza, former adviser to Uribe, will do the same, according to the newspaper. Colombian ‘The Spectator’.

The case has finally been reactivated despite Uribe’s attempts to hinder the process. After his resignation as a senator, the proceedings against him passed into the hands of the Prosecutor’s Office, except for this case, which the Supreme Court of Justice considers could be related to his functions as a congressman.

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The scandal broke out after an independent investigation by the Prosecutor’s Office against ‘Ñeñe’ Hernández for the murder of the son of a businessman who owed him money, the name of the Colombian president, Iván Duque, appeared in some audios in an alleged plot to buy votes in the second round of the presidential elections in which Gustavo Petro was imposed.

During that conversation, Hernández urged María Claudia Daza, former adviser in the Senate of former President Uribe, to speed up the procedures for that vote purchase. “We have to get our act together, we have to look for money to go under the table and drop it in the departments,” he said.

One of those departments would be La Guajira, on the coast of the Caribbean Sea, just as ‘Ñeñe’ assured in the audios by naming “Iván” and “Uribe” as responsible for having sent him to the cities of Manaure, Uribía, Riohacha and Maicao to “win” in that region.

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These revelations were later seconded by former congresswoman Aida Merlano, who once arrested in Venezuela for illegally crossing the border in her flight from Colombian Justice, declared that she had been part of a plan conceived by influential families in the country, the Gerleins and the Char, to achieve the victory of Duke, whom he accused of being behind the plans to assassinate her for all the information he has about this matter.

These accusations were also investigated by the National Electoral Council (CNE) of Colombia, which in October 2021 decided to file the case against President Duque due to lack of evidence.

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