At least four soldiers killed in a bomb explosion in northeastern Iraq

MADRID, Jan. 24 (Royals Blue) –

At least four soldiers have died after a bomb exploded as their vehicle passed in the Kirkuk governorate in northeastern Iraq.

Preliminary information suggests that the bomb was allegedly planted by members of the Islamic State terrorist group against members of the Army who were carrying out patrol tasks, according to information from the Iraqi state news agency INA.

Data from the Government of Iraq indicate that the insurgents would have carried out more than 250 attacks in 2021, including ambushes, suicide attacks, installation of false controls, kidnappings and rocket attacks. As a result, at least 387 people have died and another 500 have been injured in the last year.

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At the end of 2017, the Iraqi authorities declared victory over the group. On December 22, the Armed Forces announced the complete withdrawal of troops from the international coalition against terrorism.

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