The CNDH asks to consider “all” lines of investigation in the deaths of journalists Mollinedo and García


The National Human Rights Commission (CNDH) of Mexico has condemned on Tuesday the murder of journalists Yessenia Mollinedo and Sheila Johana García, in Veracruz, and has asked the competent authorities to consider “all” lines of investigation, including the relationship between the attack and the journalistic work of the deceased.

In a statement, the CNDH has clarified that it does not “prejudge” the result of the investigations, but has insisted on its call so that, within the framework of the powers of the authorities, they carry out “the pertinent actions until they find the responsible persons” .

The commission, which has recognized that it has been a “very unfortunate and painful” start to the year due to the number of murders of journalists, has expressed its “absolute concern” about the situation faced by some representatives of the media and workers, for what he has considered “fundamental” to clarify the facts and find and punish those responsible.

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In parallel, he has called for “strong protection actions” towards the journalistic union, considering it “an unavoidable and vital social imperative” so that civil society “relieves the scourge and the ailment of no longer counting on the murdered journalists” .

“We reiterate our call to strengthen and expand the scope of the Mechanism for the Protection of Human Rights Defenders and Journalists to, once and for all, put an end to this serious situation,” he indicated.

Likewise, he wanted to add his voice to those who ask that journalists, “fundamental in the consolidation of democracy and access to information”, be able to carry out their activity in “safer and freer” conditions. “Fighting for it is one of the fundamental tasks of this commission,” he assured.

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Mollinedo and García, who was a cameraman, worked at the El Veraz news portal. They were murdered on Monday afternoon in the town of Cosoleacaque, in the Mexican state of Veracruz. The State Prosecutor’s Office has already opened an investigation to clarify what happened.

These two new murders occur just four days after the body of journalist Luis Enrique Ramírez Ramos, columnist for ‘El Debate’ and founder of the news portal Fuentes Fidedignas, was found in Culiacán, in the Mexican state of Sinaloa, wrapped in a plastic bag. There are already eleven journalists murdered in Mexico so far this year.

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