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The Bellvitge Hospital in L’Hospitalet opens an exhibition to commemorate its 50th anniversary

  • The exhibition includes fifty photos and experiences of people who have been patients of the center

The Bellvitge University Hospital (HUB) of L’Hospitalet de Llobregat inaugurated on February 17 the exhibition 50 years. 50 portraits. During the first 50 years of existence of the hospital center Thousands of patients have been treated. The exhibition installed in the lobby of Outpatient Consultations brings together the portraits of 50 of these people, along with a sentence that summarizes their experience at the HUB.

The portraits are the visible face of the stories of 50 patients, fifty families who at some point in their lives have been cared for by professionals at the Bellvitge Hospital. The photos are presented in a montage illustrating the faces of a series of 50cm x 50cm cubes, which are arranged one on top of the other, in “a dynamic format that can take on different configurations”.

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The opening of the exhibition has had the presence of many of the protagonists of the portraits. The Dr. Montserrat Figuerolamanager of the South Metropolitan Territorial Management (GTMS), highlighted at the inauguration that “we are a center of high complexity, but also of proximity, an element of cohesion of the citizen fabric and that is why we appreciate the testimony of all the people who have participated”.

The physical exhibition is complemented by some testimonial videos of the 50 people portrayed, which will be distributed weekly through the HUB’s social networks. In addition, they will be published on the hospital’s 50th anniversary website.

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