The bad news of the morning for Dacia: the new Jogger didn’t even launch well and is “buried”

If you were thinking of getting your hands on a Dacia Jogger, the newest car from the Mioveni manufacturer, it is worth noting that it has just received one out of five stars from EuroNCAP. The odd part of the whole set of circumstances is that the car was not tested before receiving this grade.

As with other Dacia cars, the new Jogger has been abolished by the independent European authority for rating cars sold in Europe. However, unlike Sandero or Spring, EuroNCAP did not even test the new Dacia. The main argument is that it shares most of the technical and construction features with Sandero.

Dacia Jogger, a one-star car

Although it doesn’t come as good news for the brand’s fans, it’s important to look at this star with a little skepticism. For example, if we rely on the Sandero, which was taken as a reference for the Jogger, that car received four out of five stars for the safety of adults and children in the car.

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On the other hand, the final grade was two stars for the deficiencies on the electronics side, advanced technology. For example, braking in the US is only effective in the event of imminent impact with other cars, not in the case of pedestrians or cyclists, as is the case with other state-of-the-art cars.

The one-star rating for Jogger, compared to two stars at Sandero, started with a technical detail of the seven-seater version of the new car. Seats 6 and 7 do not have a seat belt warning. Basically, the occupants of those places may not wear it. Dacia’s argument for omitting those notification threads was that those seats could be dismantled by the car owner.

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In any case, according to the data obtained by, the scores broken down for Jogger are the following: at the frontal impact, 70 points out of 100, equivalent to four stars, for adult passengers and 69 out of 100 for children. Also, on the side impact, the score was 72 points, ie four stars. For the US assistance system, the score was 4.5 out of 6 points, for speed assistance, 1.3 points out of 2. He also received one point for the 5-seater passenger seat belt alert. In total, 39 out of 100 for support systems, level generated by the 7-seater version (42 for the 5-seater).

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