Kanye West apologizes for anti-Semitic remarks –

Prior to comments made late last year and early this year, Kanye West was simply seen as a big oddball. But after anti-Semitic comments that defended Adolf Hitler and saw him compare himself to Jesus Christ, he has largely been pushed away from mainstream media and abandoned by former fans.
Now, in a new post on his Instagram, West apologized to the Jewish community in a message written in Hebrew. “I sincerely apologize to the Jewish community for any unintentional outburst caused by my words or actions.” he wrote. “It was not my intention to offend or humiliate, and I deeply regret any pain I have caused.”

For many, this is too little, too late from the rapper, and the American Jewish community has criticized his apology for not being accessible enough. “Besides being bizarre and possibly a ploy to get more attention, the Hebrew apology – posted without translation – is inaccessible to most American Jews who don’t speak the language,” the American Jewish told community to AP News. “Certainly, using Hebrew to communicate with the Jewish community intentionally denies most American Jews – and consequently non-Jews – the opportunity to see Kanye’s apology directly.”

Kanye West apologizes for anti-Semitic remarks

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